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A Limited Collection of Piano Rebuilding Photos
A few of the many procedures in a complete rebuild
1913 5' 4" Knabe Grand Piano
Courtesy of Gene Nelson RPT (all rights reserved)

Piano case being prepared for new soundboard

New tuning pinbloack being drilled

Fitting the new soundboard panel to the case

Another image of fitting the new soundboard panel to the case

Installing bridge pins

Another image of installing bridge pins

The completed new soundboard and bridges

Glueing in the new soundboard

Soundboard and plate (harp) are now installed and the piano is ready for stringing

Installing wew strings on the piano has been completed

New damper underlever assembly (aft) and action stack with new action parts and hammers.

Another view of the new damper underlever assembly (backaction) with the action stack in the background

Final view of of the new damper underlever assembly (backaction) after installation of the return springs (note old underlever part at lower right)

Installing the new damper underlevers assembly (backaction) in the piano

Installing new backchecks

Installing new key buttons

Action stack with new actions parts and hammers on the keyframe without the keys

Side view of complete rebuilt piano action

Front view of complete rebuilt action evaluating touch weight, key weight, or down weight

Side view of new hammers and hammer shanks

Dampers with new damper felt are being installed

Installing new casters




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